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Green Space, Environments and Activities for Adults with Autism

Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, The Kingwood Trust, BEING, The Monument Trust, London, UK, 2011-present


A project in collaboration with Chris McGinley

This research takes two strand's, the first project investigates one of the defining characteristics of autism spectrum disorder; special interests. A person's special interest can range from an interest in spinning or tearing paper, to a fascination with Thomas the Tank Engine or drawing maps. This research explores how designers can help to identity and nurture a person's special interests, looking at how they might be turned into opportunities for social, emotional and vocational growth.

The main research focus is on outdoor spaces, which are often under-used areas in residential housing yet hold great potential for both active and passive pursuits for adults with autism. The main aim of the project is to develop recommendations and design concepts that demonstrate good practice in the design of gardens for adults with autism.