hand and feathers


Textile Thinking for the Development of Sustainable Materials

Loughborough, Loughborough, UK, 2012

Recent design research has discussed how textiles practice and knowledge, or 'textile thinking', has the capacity to originate new materials, forms, and material systems, as well as to enhance the sensory pleasure of materials. Building on these ideas, this Loughborough University and EPSRC funded networking project investigates ways in which 'textile thinking' might inform development of new sustainable materials for design-led functions, alternative use of materials technologies in design, and novel application of existing sustainable materials within design contexts.

Developing recent collaborations with leading international textile practitioners, material scientists and designers from other disciplines operating in both academic and industrial contexts, this project aims to evolve fresh understanding of the diverse possibilities of sustainable materials through a series of interdisciplinary, practical and interactive workshops to be held at Loughborough University. It is hoped that this multi-perspectival approach will surpass that which could be achieved through artistic or scientific approaches used in isolation and will foster further cross-disciplinary collaborative research projects.