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The Golden Horn, Solund, Denmark, 2009

The Golden Horn is the largest multi-sensory facility in the world, providing therapy, relaxation and fun to over 200 adults with multiple disabilities. The Golden Horn houses ten sensory rooms consisting of vibro-acoustic ball pools, sound-activated massage rooms, vibro-acoustic waterbeds, dark spaces and themed environments.

Tip-Tap-Touch, designed and developed for The Golden Horn, has re-invented the Jacobs ladder to create an interactive panel that encourages touch, play and movement. The articulated panels have the potential to reveal six different surface aesthetics and unlimited variations of design in terms of form, scale, texture, sound, colour and pattern.

Tip-Tap-Touch extends the interaction of the Jacobs Ladder from hand manipulation to a whole body experience, which means that it can be enjoyed independently or within a group situation. The panels stimulate the sense of sight, sound, smell, touch and movement. Tip-Tap-Touch's unique playful and interactive nature physically engages mind and body, promoting fine motor skills, communication, hand-eye coordination, an understanding of cause and effect, and is inclusive to everyone.