Dr Rachel Philpott


Rachel is passionate about textile design futures, developing knowledge in this area through individual and collaborative research projects funded by organisations including the AHRC, the EPSRC and the Textile Institute. Her research focuses on the development of performance textiles and deployable structure with transferable application in disciplines ranging from sportswear and product design to architecture and interiors.


Rachel gained her PhD in Textiles at the Royal College of Art and is a Design London Fellow. She has significant professional experience in fine art textile installation, commercial textile design, and illustration, as well as lecturing in the UK and abroad. She has worked at companies including Lewis & Lewis and Jonathan Saunders, and as part of Kings College London's "The Materials Library presents…" on events and workshops at Tate Modern and at the Wellcome Trust, exploring the crossover between material science and art.

Katie Gaudion MPhil (RCA)


Katie is a multi-disciplinary textile designer whose design research celebrates neuro-diversity. Using intuitive and empathic design methods, Katie works with people of all abilities to investigate how harnessing the sensory qualities of materials can improve a person's experience of their environment. Employing an interdisciplinary approach Katie collaborates with occupational therapists, educationalists and psychologists to generate new knowledge within this area.


Katie completed her MPhil in textiles at the Royal College of Art, where she received the prestigious Helen Hamlyn Award for outstanding creativity. Her extensive professional experience ranges from textile production in India, prop making for feature films at Jim Henson's Creature Shop and collaborating with artists and designers such as Daan Roosegaarde, exploring the dynamic relationship between people, space, and technology. Katie is also a Design London Fellow.